"Pensar la mezcla" en Culturelink:


This book meets the readers expectations and it assigns the reader a critical role in an analytical task. The project can be approached from three main entries. They constitute keys and, at the same time, stabilize a debate on the very concept which is its object, 'la mezcla'. Firstly, what is it as a phenomenon, how and why it should be central in our present-day interrogation of concepts such as hybridization, creolization, etc. And secondly, the book suggests avenues to 'la mezcla' apropos the fact that almost always the issue would tend to emphasize tensions, such as opposing white and black. Thus, an invocation of colours. Often the most generous studies on 'la mezcla' invoke generally the necessity of transcending this tension because of its racial implications and thus transforming matters of colour into matters of social ethics. This study marks an urgency.